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Hey there, still forced to code in Java 1.7? Or secretly using Git locally but pushing to SVN? Or looking for something new?… We have a successful product portfolio and some of the best people to work with. So if you think you have what it takes, please do read on…

Who we are

Contovista is an established Swiss Fintech and we are delighted to grow the team. Our product is supporting our clients to be market leaders in the field of finance and end-user satisfaction. We are part of the Aduno Group and have excellent connections into the market and its key players. We are based in Schlieren. Just ten minutes by train from the center of Zurich.

Who you are

You are a great individual with a high quality standard. You have a personality that makes it easy for you to negotiate different opinions and possible solutions for how things should be done. You take a lot of positive pride when it comes to Software, Design, System Architecture and Tools and Processes. You love to code and share your knowledge with your peers. You understand the deeper meaning of: “Beautiful software is like abstract art”. You take pride in well-tested and documented code. You know that even you sometimes can be wrong and you don’t have a problem admitting it, because “science” always wins. Ah, and you know a thing or two about Data Science…

What you will do

  • Code a lot. Mainly Java 8. Clojure? Maybe…
  • Fix the assembly Gradle script? That happens…
  • Having fun with vi and bash? Most welcome…
  • Sharing your wisdom with others? A must…
  • Deepen understanding of banking systems? Hard to avoid…

What we will do

    • Transfer money to your bank account. Monthly
    • Extend our range of products to keep work interesting for you
    • Provide a desk, a computer, a chair
    • Introduce you to a highly skilled team
    • Listen to your ideas on how to improve product and company
    • Let you drive the company car
    • Get you a pretty good pension solution
    • Hand you a set of business cards so you can impress your friends (ok, joke! …you made it until here…, guess it is time to apply now)